Chikankata Mission Zambia

Chikankata Mission, located in Chikankata District near Mazabuka in Zambia’s Southern Province, is a site of profound historical and cultural significance. Established by the Salvation Army in the early 20th century, the mission has played a pivotal role in the region’s educational, healthcare, and religious development. This article delves into the rich history of Chikankata Mission, exploring its contributions to the community and why it remains a must-visit destination in Mazabuka.

The Establishment of Chikankata Mission

Chikankata Mission was founded in 1945 by the Salvation Army, an international Christian organization known for its charitable work and evangelical efforts. The mission was established with the aim of providing comprehensive services to the local community, including healthcare, education, and spiritual guidance. Its founders were motivated by a deep commitment to improving the living standards and spiritual well-being of the local population.

Chikankata Zambia
Chikankata Zambia

Chikankata Mission Hospital

One of the mission’s cornerstone achievements is the Chikankata Mission Hospital. Initially set up as a small clinic, it has grown into a major healthcare facility serving the wider Mazabuka region and beyond. The hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including maternity care, surgery, and treatment for infectious diseases. It has been particularly instrumental in combating HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

The hospital’s community health programs extend beyond its walls, focusing on preventive care and health education. These programs have significantly improved health outcomes in the region, reducing the prevalence of common diseases and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Educational Contributions

Chikankata Mission also prioritizes education, recognizing its critical role in community development. The mission operates several schools, including primary and secondary institutions, which provide quality education to children from the surrounding areas. The mission’s schools emphasize not only academic excellence but also moral and spiritual development, reflecting the Salvation Army’s holistic approach to education.

In addition to formal education, the mission offers vocational training programs aimed at equipping young people with practical skills. These programs include courses in agriculture, carpentry, and sewing, helping to create employment opportunities and improve livelihoods.

Spiritual and Community Life

At the heart of Chikankata Mission is its vibrant spiritual life. The mission’s church serves as a place of worship and community gathering, hosting regular services, Bible studies, and community events. The church plays a central role in the mission’s activities, fostering a strong sense of community and spiritual growth among its members.

The mission’s emphasis on community is also evident in its various outreach programs. These initiatives aim to support vulnerable groups, such as orphans, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The mission’s social services provide food, shelter, and other forms of assistance to those in need, embodying the Salvation Army’s commitment to serving others.

Visiting Chikankata Mission

For visitors to Mazabuka, a trip to Chikankata Mission offers a unique opportunity to witness the mission’s impactful work firsthand. The mission welcomes visitors who are interested in learning about its history, touring its facilities, and engaging with its community programs. Visitors can explore the hospital, schools, and church, gaining insights into the mission’s multifaceted approach to community development.

How to Get There

Chikankata Mission is located approximately 35 kilometers from Mazabuka town. It is accessible by road, with well-maintained routes connecting it to Mazabuka and other nearby towns. Visitors can arrange for private transport or use local transportation options to reach the mission.


Chikankata Mission stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, service, and community. Its contributions to healthcare, education, and spiritual life have made a lasting impact in Chikankata District, improving the lives of countless individuals. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a volunteer, or simply a curious traveler, a visit to Chikankata Mission offers a profound and enriching experience.

Explore Chikankata Mission and discover the remarkable story of this historical and cultural gem in, Zambia. For more travel tips and insights into Zambian destinations, be sure to check out our other blog posts and guides. Happy travels!

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