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Our Clinical Officers at Mary Begg Health Services are responsible for the delivery of a high standard of medical care together with excellent customer service at the health facility.  Clinical Officers rotate between outpatient and emergency services. They work closely with other multidisciplinary clinicians to provide comprehensive health care services for patients and their families.

Our Clinical Officers carry out their duties consistently, ethically and in line with international standards and evidence based medical practices.


Actively participates in the efficient provision of the medical services at the clinic by adhering to international best practice guidelines


  • Treat patients according to standard treatment guidelines (MBHS guidelines, Zambia National treatment guidelines, WHO treatment guidelines)
  • Able to follow up patient consistently
  • Ensure patients are appropriately investigated
  • Able to learn from patient complaints
  • Able to work with other clinicians to ensure comprehensive patient care
  • Able to consult were and when not sure about patient management
  • Adhere to MBHS medical service policy
  • Recognizes patient’s rights in offering medical services.
  • Actively participates in the clinical Governance meetings held monthly in order to review clinical audits results, incidence reports, medication errors, near misses, clinical training programs etc.
  • Being able to offer support to other staff members while at work in order to bring about efficiency in service delivery
  • Actively participates in in-house training programs (At least 85%)
  • Able to offer suggestions to the Chief Medical Officer/Clinic manager of some of the training programs that can bring about staff development.
  • Being able to adjust and adapt to changes that may come in the field of clinical practice.

Staying up to date with latest developments in clinical practice

  • Aware of the established channel of communication at the institution.
  • Report to Chief Medical Officer/Clinic Manager of any administrative or clinical issue.
  • Submits daily patient statistics at the end of the week (last day of the night shift) to CMO/Clinic manager.
  • Ensure all notifiable diseases are brought to the attention of the CMO and reported to the district.
  • Respect working hours as indicated in the employee’s contract.

Dresses in presentable manner (MBHS uniform policy)

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