Jnr Occupational Health Doctor

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Jnr Occupational Health Doctor
Kalumbila, Zambia
Closes: January 4, 2023

At MBHS, the junior occupational health doctor provides clinically competent and proficient OH services and has a thorough knowledge of occupational exposure, early detection and disease prevention, risk based medical surveillance, fitness to work assessment, injury on duty protocols and quality improvement.

* Assist with the management and running of the day-to-day MBHS occupational health service operations, supervise staff (OH nurses, technicians & admin) where appropriate and perform administrative duties to a standard of professional excellence.
* Deliver clinically competent OH services using proper medical technique and equipment and continually update knowledge to perform all required duties effectively.
* Ensure that MBHS protocols and procedures, and HPCZ legal requirements relating to OH are adhered to at all times. Where there are gaps in MBHS OH standard operating procedures (SOPs), suggest required procedures and discuss with Senior OH Doctor/ Chief Medical Officer to draft/submit to the Quality Department and Medical Director for review and approval.
* Participate in the Occupational Health and Hygiene Forum (consisting of the OH doctor, CMO and HR teams, Safety manager, Industrial hygienist) to coordinate OH and fitness to work cases; review abnormal findings; and occupational risk exposure profiles etc.
* Protect and maintain patient confidentiality and privacy at all times in keeping with the MBHS Patient Confidentiality Policy. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

– Adhere to the MBHS Standards and SOPs that guide the OH services.
– Carry out OH assessments and medical examinations for scheduled clients and their employers, and MBHS employees. This will include pre-placement, periodical, return to work, incapacity and exit medical examinations.
– Maintain proper patient records and medical documentation per MBHS policy and the Zambian HPCZ requirements.
– Conduct health risk assessments and occupational risk exposure profiles (OREPs) (i.e. awareness programme for pregnant workers, psychosocial risk factors relating to shift work etc.) where appropriate.
– Promptly report any potential hazards like chemical exposure and safety, radiation risk exposure and faults to the appropriate person.
– Provide information and education to clients, customers and MBHS staff on hazard exposure and controls.
– Promote a safe and secure environment for clients and foster a culture of OH.
– Shall be familiar with the work processes and work environment, and the health risks.
– Participate in the design of the specific medical adjudication & surveillance programmes required by the findings of the site’s Health Risk Assessment (OREPs), and continually review them as required by the client.
– Review outcomes of all occupational health tests, for adverse exposure effects, and impacts on medical fitness to work and manage the deviations.
– Perform any other duties or responsibilities as may be required from the Senior OH Doctor, CMO OH or MD from time to time.

Qualifications, Experience & Skills required
• Must have completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or equivalent with at least 3 years experience.
• A postgraduate qualification or at least 3 years experience in Occupational Health is an advantage.
• Must be registered with the Health Professionals Council of Zambia (HPCZ) and have a valid and current practice license.
• Behavioural
• Excellent Judgement
• Critical thinking
• Problem Solving skills
• Strong Communication skills
• Service minded, time management and Quality care minded.

To apply for this job please visit marybeggclinic.bamboohr.com.

To apply for this job please visit marybeggclinic.bamboohr.com.

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