Kafue Release Facility Manager

The EOP is a project of Game Rangers International, supported by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation &
The International Fund for Animal Welfare

Job Description
Kafue Release Facility Manager
The role of the Release Facility Manager (RFM) is to oversee all operations within the realm of the facility, elephant
activities and administration. The RFM will report to and work under the guidance and supervision of the Senior
Technical Advisor for Wildlife Rescue and undergo in-house training for all elephant husbandry, handling and
welfare. All responsibilities and activities will be coordinated and authorised by the Senior Advisor or Wildlife
Rescue Director and will fall within GRI Operational Protocols to fulfil project standards and aims.
The RFM will develop an understanding of the entire GRI operation in order to fully support the Elephant Release
Programme and the greater aims of the Wildlife Rescue Programme and will be required to support across Wildlife
Rescue project sites on occasion. The RFM will be based at and live on-site at the Kafue Release Facility and be
responsible for the day-to-day management of the Camp, its staff, the elephant welfare system, developments,
repairs and maintenance.
Main Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Management, responsibility and accountability for all day-to-day activities at the Kafue Release Facility
(KRF) including camp logistics, visitors (day trip and overnight), elephant management
2. Supervision, management and responsibility for all KRF staff (elephant team, camp support, full-time staff
and volunteers) to ensure that all Systems and Protocols are being followed
3. To help build local staff capacity and provide support and guidance to the teams
4. First Point of Contact for all emergency situations within the KRF domain
5. Oversee developments and on-going maintenance of grounds and infrastructure in accordance with
management plans and liaising with Workshop and Development team
6. Site security via the security team (liaising with DNPW Ranger Operations and CRBs for Community Scout
management, and GRI Resource Protection Programme for wider Release Area Security)
7. Support with all KRF administration, logistics and procurement including management and development
of monthly budget and staff salaries
8. Regular communications/reporting to line manager to ensure alignment and guidance on all elephant
9. Key contributor and member of the Orphaned Elephant Release Programme (OERP) working group. Work
in close collaboration with the Research Coordinator in relation to OERP, Release Phase elephants and
post-release monitoring. Support with planning and conducting actions as per the Strategic Plan
10.To be responsible for the welfare of all personnel and elephant orphans (and other animals in care) at KRF
11.To be responsible for any elephant related activities in the absence of the Senior Management Team
12.Hosting and ensuring the safety of donors, visitors and volunteers at the camp
13.Support and assistance to the Senior Management Team with:
a. Elephant update reports (quarterly technical)
b. Development of SOP’s
c. Health monitoring and nutritional management of elephants
d. GRI Representation at the local African Parks and DNPW HQ
Other Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Responsible and accountable for the project budget, receipting and retirement of petty cash
2. Overseeing the management and issuing of project supplies/rations accordingly
3. Overseeing the management and coordination of site logistics within the EOP domain
4. Overseeing the management and maintenance of project assets, equipments, stock and supplies
5. Responsible for the completion of Project Fixed Administration Tasks
6. Support Research Team if necessary, with data management: collection, collation and storage
7. Support directly with orphan/wildlife rescue and stabilisation (when necessary)
8. Support with development and refinement of Project Standard Operating Procedures
9. Production of Project Reports (monthly, quarterly, annually)
10. Assist with management of and hosting camp visitors: daily visitors (11:30-13:00 to include informative
talks), GRI visiting staff, over-night guests – this includes coordinating appropriate ration availability and
11. Assist with recruitment process for staff
12. Regular site updates (reports/articles/photo’s etc)
13. Representation and support at GRI events on occasion as required
14. Supports with project donors, media representatives and project PR (support by Managers and Keepers
where appropriate)
15. Develop and maintain good working relations with:
a. African Parks (become the point of contact for Wildlife Rescue Programme)
b. DNPW at all levels, up to and including Regional Managers for Western and Southern regions
c. Local chiefs and district officials
d. Technical Partners
e. Local vets
f. Local Tour Operators and Agents
g. Other GRI Project Managers and staff

Reports to:
1. GRI Senior Advisor – Wildlife Rescue
2. GRI Wildlife Rescue Director
3. GRI Chief Executive Officer
Staff to manage:
1. Camp Support Manager
2. Research Team (for logistics)
3. Elephant Keepers
4. Kitchen, grounds, custodial staff, drivers
5. Volunteer Supervisor

Working conditions:
1. On site, basic camp living (see below)
2. In accordance with elephant schedules working hours remain flexible but are based on Monday to
Saturday, 06:30hrs – 18:30hrs, to achieve 8 hours worked per day (random regular night checks will be
incorporated within the 8 hours worked)
3. Rest Days – 8 days per month (inc. Sundays) usually 1/week then 4 days in Lusaka during resupply
4. Travel days from KRF to and from Lusaka are counted as workdays
Living conditions to include:
• Large safari style tent
• Private bathroom with hot water shower
• Private kitchen/dining/sitting area
• Solar system to provide lighting and basic charging capabilities
• Access to camp fridge
Game Rangers International was established in Zambia in 2008, and embraces a holistic approach to
conservation, empowering 150 frontline rangers and over 50 support rangers across three core areas: Resource
Protection, Community Outreach and Wildlife Rescue.

To apply for this job please visit www.gamerangersinternational.org.

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