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Catalyst Foundation

We are hiring! Volunteer Educational Psychologists.

🔹 Organisational Overview:
Catalyst Foundation is dedicated to empowering vulnerable girls living in marginalised rural communities throughout Africa. We believe that every girl-child deserves the right to education, the chance to reach her full potential, and the autonomy to make confident choices about her future. Through our S.H.E. (Secure, Hope, Empowered) Programme’s bespoke support, we aim to achieve this desired future.

🔹 Voluntary Positions Available:
We are currently looking for experienced ‘Educational Psychologists’ to join our team, specifically for the Beatrice district in Zimbabwe , and the Chibombo district in Zambia.

🔹 Responsibilities:
• Conduct comprehensive assessments of the educational and psychological needs of beneficiaries within our S.H.E. Programme.
• Utilise knowledge of child development theories and educational psychology to identify our beneficiaries’ strengths, challenges, and learning styles.
• Collaborate with teachers, caregivers, and other professionals to develop personalised educational plans for each beneficiary.
• Provide guidance and recommendations for appropriate teaching strategies and interventions to support optimal learning outcomes for our beneficiaries.
• Conduct beneficiary assessments and interventions for specific learning difficulties, behavioural issues, or emotional challenges.
• Offer counselling and guidance to beneficiaries facing social, emotional, or psychological difficulties that may impact their educational progress.
• Collaborate with the Catalyst team to develop and implement workshops and training sessions on child development and educational psychology for caregivers and educators in the communities we operate in.
• Monitor and evaluate the progress of our beneficiaries, adjusting intervention plans as needed and tracking outcomes.

🔹 Required Skills and Qualifications:
• Degree or relevant certification in Educational Psychology, Child Development, or a related field.
• Strong knowledge and understanding of child development theories, educational psychology, and learning processes.
• Experience working with children and adolescents, preferably in an educational or counselling setting.
• Familiarity with assessment tools and techniques for evaluating cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional development.

Interested in applying?
To apply, please email your CV and a cover letter to Tatenda (Volunteer Coordinator) at volunteer@catalystfn.org.
Application Deadline: 29 March 2024.

Please Note:
Catalyst Foundation is seeking volunteers who are passionate about the mission of the organisation and are willing to contribute their time and skills to support the S.H.E. Programme. While this is an unpaid position, it offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience in community development.

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